We’ve received a lot of questions on what the difference is between both bags. Simply, the FlexBag has a removable steel frame which allows the FlexBag to stand-up vertically and expands from 10 inches to 15 inches.

Using the FlexBag vertically is perfect for small spaces including boats, RVs, camping, and also for back to school in a college dorm room as a laundry hamper. The expandable frame gives you more room to add more things, but no need for multiple bags and toes, you only need the FlexBag. Less to carry!

Easy to get organized and de-cluttered. Both the bags are machine washable, mould & water resistant, stretchable, and include 3 mesh bags and one divider to help keep everything organized. The Neoprene duffel bag can be used as a replacement cover for the FlexBag!

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