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Introducing LUMEHRA subscriptions A step forward to meet your laundry needs

As you know, we all have mountains of laundry lying all over the house usually and so many people feel overwhelmed about how to get that under control. The first step is sorting out your laundry before washing which is an important step as it is what’s going to keep your whites white and the rest of your clothes in good condition.

The foolproof trick is sorting out all the laundry into three piles; either by colour or washing temperature (e.g. dark, light, white, delicate, hot or cold) .Then look for the pile with the greatest amount of clothes and that is your first load of laundry that you need to put in the washing machine right after you sort it out.

After that, you can pick another pile for the next day and wash. Now to stay organized, you can use a laundry hamper to carry your clothes that need washing. For this, we have an amazing thing that will do this work for you. It’s our multi-functional Flex Bag that you can also use as a laundry hamper. It’s very lightweight and easy to carry up and down the stairs. It also helps with separating clothes from the dryer into organized compartments after you get done with washing.

Next for washing, you must check the tag before you put the clothes in the washer so you know how you should wash that kind of fabric. Then, you have to choose your favorite laundry detergent option that makes your clothes as good as new and it definitely should smell fresh and nice after washing. For that, we have different variants that you can try using (Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Scented natural detergents) and they all are completely plant-based and toxic-free.

At LUMEHRA, we make your whole laundry experience simple, easy, and eco-friendly which is the best part of it all. The exciting news is that we are taking a step ahead and now offering monthly subscriptions on our website for our active subscribers so you will get a 15% off along with free shipping. You can choose to get your favorite laundry detergent every month, every 2 months, or every quarter (3 months). This way, you can meet your laundry needs in the best possible way.

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