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Tea Tree Oil

All About Natural Tea Tree Oil Laundry Detergent

If you are someone who is unaware of the harmful effects of artificial fragrances found in chemical laundry detergents, then you would certainly want to stay away from them once you get to know about their toxicity to our health and the environment. Did you know that artificial fragrances you find in chemical laundry detergents are counted in the top five allergens and can trigger asthma attacks? 75% of these chemical fragrances contain phthalates that can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, reproductive system and, eye and skin irritations.

Aside from these terrifying human health hazards, the other dangers of scented detergents are to our collectively shared environment. They are harmful first to your body and then passed on into the atmosphere through water waste and dryer emission. Most mainstream laundry detergents contain significant amounts of artificial fragrances. The end result is that clean laundry smells just like the product inside the bottle, and then that smell remains on your clothes for a long time. These familiar fragrances are chemically based and they maintain their consistent aroma by leaving a coating of their chemicals on your laundry, which is then also on your skin. Doesn’t that sound scary, right? 

Coming to the worst part, big laundry-care brands’ manufacturers are not required to list all of the laundry detergent ingredients on their packaging, and the ingredients that are listed may be vague and uninformative. For instance, the word “fragrance” may refer to hundreds of different chemicals. Moreover, those detergents that claim to have essential oils, that do not actually wash out of the laundry during the washing cycle. They also come with some health-related consequences that might be more or less doing the same amount of damage to both your health and the environment. 

We should all have the right to know what’s in all the products we use in our homes and bring around our families. In the best case, the secret ingredients composing the artificial fragrances in other laundry products are not good for you. In general, they are bad for your fabrics and definitely not good for your health. You deserve better! You might now wonder what should you look for that doesn’t come with artificial fragrances. The short answer is to go for essential oils.

Thankfully, nature has given us a way to solve problems, we have some natural essential oils that smell amazing and are completely toxin-free. They also have a variety of pathogen-fighting powers, from being antibacterial or antifungal to being antiseptic. They add a pleasant mild scent to your laundry. There are natural laundry detergents available in the local natural health market that use chemical-free ingredients. Natural scents, like the 100% pure essential oils used in all Lumehra’s laundry products, will wash away during the washing cycle and are completely safe to use even for the most sensitive skin type. You get great aromatherapy when using our products, and only trace amounts remain after washing as it leaves a mild scent that is not too overpowering.  Lumehra’s Tea Tree Oil laundry detergent is free of any chemical or synthetic fragrances and it uses 100% Tea Tree Oil extracted purely from the Paperbark tree. We take pride in this very popular and effective product of ours that has this vital ingredient which many detergents miss!

Tea Tree Oil is quite rightly known to be a miracle oil as it comes with multi-purpose benefits. By including Tea Tree Oil in your natural laundry detergent, you not only give your laundry load a fresh and clean smell but also help eliminate bacteria and fungus that can be lurking around in your clothes. If you haven’t tried yet using essential Tea Tree Oil or lavender oil (the two most commonly used for laundry cleaning purposes) in your laundry cleaning, then you are missing out on a true laundry cleaning saver. Another important point is that it should only come in a natural detergent that is made of all-natural and chemical-free ingredients. It should be 100% natural and high quality. It works the best in removing all sorts of nasty odors be it stinky socks, gym clothes, sports gear, or most other odors.

Not just that, but it is great to use in the event where you need to clean clothes, sheets, and towels whenever someone has been sick.  Due to its antifungal nature, Tea Tree Oil is also great to use when you’ve accidentally left a load in the washer for too long and it’s developed that awful moldy, mildew scent. For the mold or mildew that is growing inside your washing machine, you can clean it up with tea tree oil. All you need to do is add a teaspoon of Lumehra’s tea tree oil laundry detergent before running it on an empty self-cleaning or hot cycle. Leave the door open to allow the washer to dry completely when you’re done and also at the end of every load to help prevent mold and mildew growth. It will help keep your appliance in great working order and smelling fresh.

Natural Tea Tree Oil Laundry Detergent



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Remember there are some steps you can take to reduce your family’s exposure to synthetic fragrances and harmful chemical commercial cleaners. First thing is to look for a natural laundry detergent, which should be free from artificial fragrance. Second, stay away from artificial fragrances. By using natural essential oils in your natural laundry detergent, you won’t only be doing wonders to your health, but also be protecting your environment from potential harm.

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