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Natural laundry detergent

Natural Laundry Detergents Are as Capable of Cleaning Your Clothes

Many people opt for brands over natural or non-toxic laundry detergents. But truth be told, natural laundry detergents are as capable of cleaning your clothes as any brand available out there. That’s because natural laundry detergents have evolved a lot in the last ten years.

Laundry is an everyday task. According to the stats, an average American family does eight loads of laundry per week. This also adds detergent usage through the washing machine. However, the chemicals in the laundry detergents are dangerous to human health, especially those with sensitive skin types.

Why are Regular Laundry Detergents Bad?

That’s because laundry detergents contain toxic chemicals which you are not fully aware of.  They include stain treaters that are nothing but synthetic chemicals to hide stains through the use of brighteners and whiteners. This has dangerous developmental and reproductive side effects. But to get around this problem, you need to pick a detergent that does not contain these four main elements:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

You should not only avoid laundry detergents but also your shampoo if it contains SLS.  SLS is linked with various health issues in humans. It is also toxic to aquatic life. Prolonged use of SLS causes blackheads and hair loss in most cases.


1,4-dioxane is a by-product of solvents and emulsifiers. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it is classified as “carcinogenic” to humans. It also causes cancer in animals. All the products that contain PEG, polyethylene, polyoxyethylene, and polyethylene glycol as ingredients are known to have 1,4-dioxane as the by-product.


Formaldehyde is used for preserving the dead bodies. To your surprise, it is also present in laundry detergents. This antimicrobial chemical irritates lungs and eyes and can cause skin problems such as eczema and dermatitis in some cases.


Fragrance is one of the secret ingredients that companies hide as they are legally allowed to do so for marketing reasons. This means that you can not find what ingredients go into making a scent. But, most of the fragrances contain harmful synthetic chemicals. In short, your detergent includes a long list of hidden allergens and irritants. This makes the traditional sweet-smelling detergent a problem.

Identifying The Most Harmful Laundry Detergent?

You need the best and the safest laundry detergent for your family. However, choosing the right option is not that simple. As a start, stay away from all the products that claim a brightening white effect on your clothes along with a strong fragrance.  You can also avoid all products that contain the dangerous 4 chemicals listed above as ingredients.

Why is a Natural Laundry Detergent a Safe Option?

Yes, ofcourse! The natural laundry detergents are soft and gentle on clothes but still have a strong cleaning strength. They are also considered non-toxic laundry detergents. Regular detergents contain harmful chemicals which are not just dangerous for the sensitive skin types but also reduces the fabric life. Lumehra Natural detergents contain green suds instead of chemicals to remove dirt that is accumulated in clothes through day-to-day activities.

How Does Lumehra Organic laundry Detergent Work?

Lumehra Natural Laundry detergents make use of enzymes to clean clothes, which are not harmful like the toxins used in regular detergents. Wondering what Enzymes are? Well, these are strong organic proteins that break away the stain pattern and dirt. Different types of enzymes are used in treating different stain types.


Lipases are known for treating fat-related stains. This means that it breaks down grease, lipstick, and butter, etc into fatty acids and hydrolyzes all the fatty material stuck in fabric. This helps to remove such stains easily.


Amylases treat starchy stains such as potatoes, ice cream, and gravy, etc. It eats such stains to leave water-soluble carbohydrates which are easier to remove.


Cellulases help in preserving the colors of your fabric by working against the ristly cellulose microfibrils. This also helps in releasing the stains in a better way.


Proteases work well for protein stains such as blood and grass. It breaks down protein into water-soluble amino acids and peptides to safely remove all such stains.

What If You Use a Homemade Laundry Soap?

Washing of clothes requires a detergent that can break up the dirt and grease. Homemade laundry soap is not at par with the power of a laundry detergent. It is more of a soap and doesn’t wash away the stains and dirt in an effective way. Also, the DIY soaps can react against the water chemicals to leave more stains on your clothes instead of cleaning them in some cases.

How to Wash Your Clothes in an Eco-Friendly Way?

Now that we know how all-natural detergents are skin and environment-friendly, is there also a way to wash clothes in a non-toxic way? Yes indeed! Choosing an eco-friendly way to do away with your laundry is simpler than you think.

Use Cold Water for Washing Your Clothes

Washing clothes in cold water is quite beneficial. It increases the fabric’s longevity, eliminates the chance of shrinking, and maintains your clothe’s shape over a long period of time. Coldwater also helps in saving the electricity bills and decreases carbon emissions to contribute towards a green environment.

Using Lumehra Natural Laundry Detergents

Lumehra Natural laundry detergents are really effective. Instead of harming the fabric and affecting the aquatic life in sewers, they do away with stains and dirt in an environmentally friendly manner.  That’s because the Lumehra natural laundry detergents do not contain any bad toxins that damage both the fabric and the atmosphere. To start with, you can use Lumehra’s natural fresh lavender laundry detergent.

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Hang to dry your clothes or Use Dryer Balls

The washing machine used for drying your clothes results in almost 1000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. This can have a hazardous effect on both the humans and environment. Just hang your clothes on a clothesline or a rack in the laundry room to prevent this all. You can also use drying balls for drying your clothes. Scent your dryer balls with a few drops of essential oils for a nice fragrant effect on clothes. Happy laundering!

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