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Clean, Simple Living

Our promise to you is that our products are made with the highest quality ingredients. We make products for our family and yours.

Live Clean and Save the Earth

We only have one home, our earth. If we want to ensure future generations have a safe place to live, we must take responsibilities for our actions.

This requires making good lifestyle choices, being mindful of the impact of our carbon footprint and advocating for movements that help save the earth.

On our part, we are completely transparent about all the ingredients we use, including our 100% recyclable packaging.

Our promise is to provide you only the best natural plant-based options that are environmentally friendly.

We believe in environmental responsibility

We believe in having a great respect for the environment, making rational use of natural resources and taking steps to prevent pollution.

The way we Do it is

By making products that make your life simple and help you clean without leaving an environmental footprint

GMO free




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LUMEHRA is a well-reputed and leading natural laundry products brand.

What do we Offer?

Products that can help you create an impact in your life

All-Natural, Non-Toxic Laundry Cleaning Products

All our cleaning products are non-toxic, chemical free, biodegradable and completely safe for even sensitive skin. We believe we can make the best natural laundry detergents while having a positive impact on the environment.

We strive to have a minimal environmental footprint. We do by using non-toxic, plant-based ingredients, for our ultra-concentrated laundry detergents.

Our ultra-concentrated formula is ultra light weight, which reduces transportation and fuel consumption. We use 100% recyclable packaging, which means, our packaging will not end up in the landfill. Small actions make a big difference.


Multi-functional bags for making your life Simple

Save time by folding and separating clothes from the dryer right into the organized compartments and carry your clothes up and down the stairs in a safe and easy way.

Simple Living gives you the freedom you need

Living simply in a modern world is definitely not easy but when you know your priorities, you can achieve some of your goals. The clutter in our life usually eats up most of our time and we fail to find the value of the most useful things.

Our goal is to bring you products that will help you save time for things that matter most. We believe in creating well designed, durable products for the home. Built for durability, ease of use and space-saving.

Eco-Friendly Laundry Cleaning Products

Formulated with care, and safe for the environment

Gluten Free, Phosphate Free, Paraben Free, No Added Dyes

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  • Natural Fresh Lavender Laundry Detergent
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  • Natural Stain Remover Bar
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Our Promise to You

Our cleaning products for the home are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and derived from plant-based ingredients.

Why LUMEHRA's Laundry Detergents?

Like most liquid detergents (that contain 80% water), we strive to save this natural resource by providing a power packed ultra concentrated detergent.

Your skin can absorb toxins and harm your immune system. Unlike most detergents, LUMEHRA’s laundry cleaning products are purely plant-based and contain no toxins. 

All our laundry cleaning products are 100% free of Gluten, Phosphate, Sulphate, bleach, Dyes, and Parabens

Natural Tea Tree Oil Laundry Detergent

LUMEHRA’s laundry products are formulated with care so they 100% safe for people who have sensitive skin. 

We believe in an Eco-friendly environment, so every laundry cleaning product we make is completely biodegradable, while our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Our natural laundry products are available in two mild scents, Tea Tree Oil and Fresh Lavender.

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Customer Reviews

Brenda A.


Neet S.


Kylie B.


Jenny M.


Alex C.

Fresh and natural laundry detergent by LUMEHRA

Kay A.

Verified Buyer


I really liked the mild fragrance of Lavender and the fact that it takes so little space. A perfect fit for my laundry needs. I will order this again soon.

Natural Laundry Detergent (Tea Tree Oil)

Steve W.

Verified Buyer


I work with permanent markers constantly and invariably end up with ink on my shirts and pants. This actually gets the stain out. It also works on grease. IT takes a bit of effort and patience but it does work. Very happy with my purchase.

Organic laundry detergent with Lavender

Harry C.

Verified Buyer


I literally thought I received a letter, such compact packing, saves a lot of space. I am about to test it, loved that smell of Lavender.

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