Natural Fresh Lavender Laundry Detergent
Natural Fresh Lavender Laundry Detergent
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Natural Fresh Lavender Laundry Detergent

15.99 CAD or subscribe and save 15%

✔️ No Bleach, Sulphates, Phosphates, or Dyes

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Product Features

Product Features:

  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Removes Tough Stains
  • Plant-based and Biodegradable
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Toxic & Bleach Free
  • No Fillers
  • Made in Canada

Weight: 250 grams
Loads of wash: 50
Dimensions (inches): 9 (L) x 6 (w)

Everyday Laundry made simple and eco-friendly

How to use?
A teaspoon is all you need for a batch of laundry

1. Add your clothes in the laundry machine​

2. Take a teaspoon of the detergent​

3. Put the detergent in the laundry machine

When using our product, you only require one teaspoon for a regular load and two teaspoons for large loads. Teaspoon included. Simply place your clothes in the washing machine, directly add the detergent, and witness the detergent’s effectiveness

Why should you choose LUMERHA’s detergents?

LUMEHRA’s detergents are eco-friendly and non-toxic which helps reduce the waste and environmental footprint. By choosing LUMEHRA’s all natural detergents, you can help this planet reduce waste and create a healthier ecosystem by avoiding adding phosphates and surfactants to the environment.

You can help the Earth become a better place with a small action!

GMO free




Like most liquid detergents (that contain 80% water), we strive to save this natural resource by providing a power packed ultra concentrated detergent.

Your skin can absorb toxins and harm your immune system. Unlike most detergents, LUMEHRA’s laundry cleaning products are purely plant-based and contain no toxins. 

All our laundry cleaning products are 100% free of Gluten, Phosphate, Sulphate, Bleach, Dyes, and Parabens.

LUMEHRA’s laundry products are formulated with care so they 100% safe for people who have sensitive skin. 

We believe in an Eco-friendly environment, so every laundry cleaning product we make is completely biodegradable, while our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Our Natural Laundry Products are available in two mild scents, Tea Tree Oil and Fresh Lavender.

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LUMEHRA is a well-reputed and leading natural laundry products brand.

Healthy for even the most sensitive skin types

Our detergents are made with only natural ingredients that treat your skin with kindness. They are completely safe and non-irritating for people with sensitive skin as it’s free from toxins, sulphates, parabens, phosphates, bleach and dyes.

50 Loads of Laundry

Teaspoon included for easy measurement

With every pack of Lumehra’s laundry detergent, you get a free teaspoon for easy measurement. All you have to really do is take one full teaspoon of our detergent and it will help you clean a whole laundry load. After the wash, your clothes will have a mild an soothing scent of lavender.

Maximum cleaning power in less amount of detergent

With just one pack of Lumehra’s laundry detergent, you can do 50 loads of washes. Not just that, but also it comes with an ultra-concentrated cleaning formula with active ingredients that make your clothes look finely cleaned after every wash. This means you get maximum cleaning with less amount of detergent and a little goes a long way.


Compact Packing helps you save more than 70% of the space

Save around 70% space in your laundry or hall closet with our laundry detergent which comes in compact packaging which is also recyclable and biodegradable. More compact packaging also means less environmental impact as a result of less space taken up by the product, so less transport is needed and CO2 emissions are saved as a result.

Fits in little spaces/ shelves

If you live in an apartment or even a house, you will not have to worry about your laundry detergent taking too much space. Our compact packing helps you keep the detergent practically anywhere you want.

Weight: 250 grams
Loads of wash: 50
Dimensions (inches): 9 (L) x 6 (w)

Ingredients: Ash soda, Borax, Saponified oils of coconut, Canola and soya, Lavender essential oil, Lemon essential oil, Orange essential oil.

Refreshing mild lavender scent

The lavender scent will refresh you and lasts all day long because we have infused it in your clothes via LUMEHRA All Natural Laundry Detergent!

100% Natural Product

Our lavender scented laundry detergent comprises non-toxic additives or dyes that may be harmful to your skin. The specialized formula is not only eco-friendly but economical as well.

Removes Tough Stains

Our laundry detergent is prepared with essential oils that eliminate stubborn stains like grass, grease, coffee or tea. LUMEHRA’s detergent removes red wine spills and baby stains. Even the toughest stains are no longer a problem!

Product FAQs

Our laundry detergent is compatible in any washing machine, in any temperature

There are up to 50 loads per bag (250 grams)

Yes, our detergent is safe for babies, kids, and people with sensitive skin

Yes, our detergent is safe for babies, kids, and people with sensitive skin.

Our laundry detergents has a mild scent (lavender).

No, our laundry products are 100% non-toxic, Vegan. We do not use any chemicals. Our laundry products are bleach, dye, sulphate or phosphate free

Our laundry products are safe for most fabrics, however, please refer to the fabric guidelines.

General FAQs

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Customer Reviews

Fresh and natural laundry detergent by LUMEHRA

Kay A.

Verified Buyer


I really liked the mild fragrance of Lavender and the fact that it takes so little space. A perfect fit for my laundry needs. I will order this again soon.

Natural Laundry Detergent (Tea Tree Oil)

Steve W.

Verified Buyer


I work with permanent markers constantly and invariably end up with ink on my shirts and pants. This actually gets the stain out. It also works on grease. IT takes a bit of effort and patience but it does work. Very happy with my purchase.

Organic laundry detergent with Lavender

Harry C.

Verified Buyer


I literally thought I received a letter, such compact packing, saves a lot of space. I am about to test it, loved that smell of Lavender.

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