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Natural Laundry Detergent (Tea Tree Oil)

5 Proven Ways to Make Good Use of Tea Tree Oil Laundry Detergent

When you add a scoop full of chemical detergent to the laundry, you might not think about the disastrous effects chemical detergents have on the skin and the environment. So, if you are the one who is the one on-duty for the laundry, I guess it’s time for you to discover endless opportunities of switching towards an organic laundry detergent that comes with great varieties and wholesome flavors to give a refreshing fragrance to your laundry routine.

Oh, is it even possible to enjoy doing laundry with organic laundry detergent? Well, when it comes to using tea tree oil laundry detergent, anything is possible! So what are you waiting for? Let’s talk about five ways to make good use of tea tree oil laundry detergent.

Can I add tea tree oil to laundry detergent?

Oh, of course, It’s a big YES! Although, tea tree oil cannot be added directly to the laundry as it leaves an oil stain if it is not diluted. So, it is important to dilute it with water before washing your clothes. However, if you have already added tea tree oil directly into washing, you can remove the oil stain with an oxygen bleach.

If you’re trying to make up your mind into buying a tea tree oil laundry detergent, Lumehra’s tea tree oil laundry detergent is the best choice you could ever come across. 

What is the best way to use tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil’s magnificent properties aren’t just to protect you from certain viruses. Instead, if you go around, it’s a booster punch for all your laundry routine and saves you from the damage that is caused by chemical detergents.

Is tea tree oil good for laundry?

So, again, what’s a great deal about using tea tree oil in laundry detergents? Here are 5 ways to use Lumehra’s tea tree oil in laundry detergents and make you got all excited!

1.     Tea Tree oil is an Environment savior organic laundry detergent

When you hear about the word ‘organic detergent’, it just doesn’t mean that it’s going to benefit the clothes you wash. Tea tree oil laundry detergents are super beneficial for the environment in many ways. When you use chemical detergents for your laundry, the detergents are drained away in the sea, causing harm to marine life. Hence, if you use organic laundry detergents, you will be helping nature to live for a longer time and prevent environmental damage through its harmful chemicals such as sulfates, bleach, and phosphates.

2.     Soothing aromatic therapy through tea tree oil laundry detergent

It’s captivating to know that if you’re making a shopping list to buy room freshener or a handful of scented candle jars to have a blissful scent in your house. Guess what? Here’s a generous tip for you to save some bucks. Tea tree oil laundry detergents do not only help to clean up your clothes. It leaves a comforting and soothing essence that lasts longer for a day and lifts up your mood.

Tea tree oil carries special qualities which give you a free aromatic therapy while you are doing laundry. That’s not all my friends! Lumehra’s tea tree oil laundry detergents have a powerhouse of relaxing scent that helps to treat anxiety, depression, and insomnia. So, if you’re having trouble sleeping at night, how about you wear your washed clothes with tea tree oil laundry detergent and solve your sleep problems? 

3.     Tea tree oil removes tough stains

Tea tree oil laundry detergent does wonder magic on clothes by fighting with tough stains on your clothes. Whether the stain is from a bar of melted chocolate, ice cream, or a ketchup sauce, Lumehra’s tea tree oil laundry detergent is here to save your day! All you have to do is, use a teaspoon full of Lumehra’s tea tree oil laundry detergent on your dirty clothes. Now, you let the organic detergent cast its spell on your favorite clothes while you enjoy the comforting fragrance of the detergent. 

4.     Tea tree oil is vegan

So, all my vegan friends! If you are looking for ways to turn your house products animal-free, I guess, it is time to focus on turning towards using organic laundry detergents. Lumehra’s tea tree oil laundry detergent is purely vegan and biodegradable. If you’re scared that you might be the cause of any environmental damage. Try switching towards organic laundry detergent and set yourself free from any pollution liabilities! Therefore, Lumehra’s tea tree oil laundry detergent is eco-friendly and helps you to create a healthy eco-system by reducing harmful wastage drained into the marine world. I guess it’s time to tell the fish in the lakes the good news?

5.     Tea tree oil does not harm your skin

A lot of us are concerned about the damage done to our skin by chemical laundry detergents. So, if you are the one whose job is to do laundry, it’s time for you to be stress-free. Lumehra’s tea tree oil laundry detergent is made of natural plant-based ingredients which are safe for sensitive skin. Next time you go for laundry; you would not have to be concerned about its harmful effects on your skin. You will be carefree and you will enjoy the time while your clothes are being washed. So, it’s time to be comfortable and enjoy the laundry time, isn’t it? 

Natural Tea Tree Oil Laundry Detergent


Now that you are aware of the five amazing ways to use tea tree oil laundry detergent, it’s nothing new if you still have second thoughts about it. Let me assure you that you will see the effect it has on your skin and the environment. Organic detergents are happy and make your life easy. Well, are you still not sure about its effectiveness? Well, why not try it once? In this way, you can make sure of the incredible five ways to use tea tree oil laundry detergent and let us know about it!

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