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How Are Plant-Based Laundry Detergents Different from Other Regular Detergents?

Every day we do laundry and wash our clothes to make them look fresh and brand new. However, did you know? Each day we are damaging our environment with thousands of chemicals released by the manufacturing of chemical-based detergents. Climate change has become a popular topic across the globe. So, as a concerned individual, you should be aware that 35%-75% phosphate salts are used in the production of chemical-based detergents. Hence, many people are shifting towards buying plant-based laundry detergents.

What Are Plant-Based Laundry Detergents?

Now, a question must’ve come across your mind. What exactly are plant-based laundry detergents? Well, these are eco-friendly detergents that do not contribute to causing harmful effects on the environment. Besides, they’re super fresh and have a natural scent. Hence, if you’re a vegan or nature lover, you must know some exciting benefits of switching towards using eco-detergents.

Regular chemical-based detergents are widely used in many places. However, even if they give nice scented fragrances, they carry a lot of harmful effects on the environment and human skin. These toxic detergents contain harmful chemical ingredients such as petroleum distillates, bleach, artificial fragrances, or sulfate. Do you think the list is over? Not yet, my friend! These chemical detergents contain plenty of different agents that are disastrous to nature and the environment.

Regular detergents or in other words, chemical-based detergents release phosphorus which is released in the oceans. These hazardous chemicals enter into the waterways and cause plants such as algae to bloom faster. Wait, that’s not all. Even though these algae are plants, excess growth acts as a barrier to the natural balance of the aquatic environment. The increase in algae prevents oxygen from traveling towards fish and marine animals. Hence, they starve to death. Sad, isn’t it?

Eco-Detergents-The Best Choice You Could Ever Make!

Well, believe it or not, we’re all contributing towards damaging the environment. Therefore, buying natural laundry detergents is the only solution to prevent marine extinction and damage to the environment.

Hence, it’s a big YES! You must be wondering, how am I supposed to shop for detergents now? Well, that’s easy as a cup of tea. All you have to do is buy a plant-based laundry detergent that is super eco-friendly. You will love it! These natural laundry detergents are the best choice one could ever opt for.

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Even though it’s going to add up a little of your grocery cost, these are high concentration detergents that are used less and deliver more. So what’s your excuse? In light of this, if you’re an animal lover you should know that these eco-detergents are never tested on animals. So use them as much as you can!

Which Natural Laundry Detergent Works Best?

You must be thinking if plant-based detergents are so cool, which one should you buy right now? Well, we have all your answers! Lumehra is here to provide you with the best options of eco-friendly detergents that are super harmless and eco-friendly. Eco-friendly detergents refer to those sustainable detergents that do not cause environmental degradation and are good for nature.

Therefore, Lumehra is here to the rescue. Lumehra offers fresh lavender and tea tree oil detergents that are exactly what you need right now. Lumehra’s tea tree oil detergents are skin protective and purely vegan. They contain plant-based ingredients which do not include harmful chemicals such as Sulphates, Phosphates, or dyes. Oh, and they smell so fresh and good to brighten up your dull day!

If you’re fed up with damaging your skin by using chemical-based detergents, I guess it’s time to switch to the best detergents nature has ever come across. Tea tree detergents are not only great for nature, they contain antiseptics and antibacterial qualities to fight bacteria and germs from the cloths. So what are you waiting for? These products are all available at your nearest supermarkets.

If you’re a lavender lover, we hear you! Lumehra also offers lavender detergent which not only contributes towards a safe environment but smells refreshing. They contain 100% organic essential oils which are great in maintaining the cloth’s quality. If you look for scented chemical-based detergents which are going to give a fresh and fragrant scent to your clothes, why not give a natural detergent a try instead of an artificial one? So, are you looking forward to aromatic therapy to enhance your wellbeing? Just try out the lavender detergent and see yourself.

Is Plant-Based Detergent Better?

You must be wondering, how will you contribute to the preservation of the environment while using organic and plant-based laundry products? Let me enlighten you. We are contributing to environmental pollution in many inevitable ways. This might be done through fuel-based cars or many other products.

However, once you buy a sustainable product, it makes you feel happy and positive by making you close to nature. After all, who doesn’t love the freshness of a green environment which gives a soothing vibe? Once you switch towards natural laundry detergents, there will be no going back. But why? Well, you won’t be able to ignore the freshness and calming effect it leaves on you.

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We are all causing a burden on the natural environment in various ways. How about we find new pathways to reduce the environmental damage by being responsible for the upcoming generations. By using plant-based detergents, you are not only contributing by reducing harmful environmental effects, but you are also preventing harm to your skin by the release of harmful chemicals from chemical-based detergents.

So, Are You Going to Buy Natural Laundry Detergents?

So let’s get united and choose natural laundry detergents to reduce environmental damage. Let’s join hands by contributing a small percentage to make this planet a safe and healthy place to live in. 

Always remember that by buying plant-based laundry detergents, you’re not only doing yourself a favor. Instead, you are contributing positively towards the preservation of the marine and natural environment. Oh, and how did I forget that it’s super cost-effective that you’ll stop worrying about your grocery bills once you switch towards it!

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