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Is Your Stain Remover Detergent Bar Safe for Your Little One’s Delicate Skin?

‘Children and babies have sensitive skin and weak immune systems. Their skin reacts to certain chemicals present in detergents’, says the founder of New Jersey Dermatology and Aesthetics Center, Dr. Zain Husain. People like us usually use a chemical-based stain remover bar to wash our clothes and our little one’s cute and charming soft clothes. However, once you realize that detergent chemicals get trapped inside the clothes and can cause skin irritation, it’s time to switch towards a plant-based stain remover bar for your child’s safety.

Can laundry detergent irritate baby skin?

If you use a chemical stain remover bar, let me enlighten you with some surprising facts about it. Some chemical-based stain remover bar cause skin irritation and contain harmful chemicals which can trigger dermatitis. It is a kind of rash that develops when something bothers your skin and irritates it.

Little kids and children who are more likely to be exposed to eczema will have a higher chance to get contact dermatitis than those kids who do not have any kind of skin condition.

If you think you will escape such chemical reactions by not letting your kids come into the laundry room, you are wrong! Not only do these chemicals such as 1,4-Dioxane get stuck inside the kid’s clothes, but penetrate the skin and spreads if the clothes get wet. Well, a lot of mothers can relate to this if their child sweats a lot while playing. Sometimes, when the clothes are washed with a chemical-based detergent, it causes rashes and skin allergies. As a mother, that’s the last thing you want on your kid’s skin and spend bucks over the doctor’s appointment. So, if I tell you there’s an escape way out of those chemical-based stain remover bars would you be willing to know about it? Because we want to!

Which laundry detergent is best for children?

Since it’s a parent’s job to provide safety to children, you need a stain remover bar that’s plant-based and safe for your child’s skin. Oh, there’s one important thing I forgot to tell you. Unless your child has any kind of skin allergy, it’s perfectly fine to wash their clothes along with adult clothes.

However, it would be better if the clothes are washed separately. Since you don’t want to mix your little one’s clothes with the adult one. To choose the best stain remover bar, a plant-based stain remover bar should be your greatest choice. But why?

Well, these are eco-friendly detergents free from harsh chemicals and toxins which can affect your little one’s health. Once you buy a plant-based stain remover bar, you’ll be amused to see its qualities and it would feel as if you’re washing your little one’s clothes with plain water. Yes, that’s how it doesn’t make you feel any sort of skin irritation. Do you know the best part?

You’ll unintentionally contribute towards a safer environment and prevent environmental pollution. How? That’s because a plant-based stain remover bar does not contain harmful chemicals such as phosphate or sulfate which can ruin marine life. See, this is how you’re going to benefit the environment and your child’s health, altogether, Interesting, isn’t it?

So, what’s the way out when you have an opportunity to switch your laundry stain remover bar?

What detergent gets rid of stains?

Your child’s skin can be damaged if you continue to use a chemical-based stain remover bar. All you need is a plant-based stain remover bar that’s free of perfumes and dyes, most importantly, free of chemicals! Hence, Lumehra’s natural stain remover bar is your way out.

It is completely safe for you and your child’s skin. Lumehra’s plant-based stain remover bar is eco-friendly and made from organic ingredients which do not contain harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritation. So, if all the mothers are reading this blog, you know what’s the key to your child’s safety. Furthermore, this stain remover bar contains natural tea tree oil which fights tough stains and bacteria from your little one’s clothes.

Natural Stain Remover Bar


It’s safe for kids as it’s toxic-free. Most of the time, you might love the refreshing fragrance coming from your little one’s washed clothes. Well, the scent also contains many chemicals which can irritate your kid’s skin. That’s why Lumehra’s stain remover bar contains the natural scent and essence of tea tree oil which releases a refreshing and soothing scent of tea tree from the washed clothes.

It’s going to give you a comforting aromatic therapy and make you enjoy the laundry routine. The best part is, the fragrance does not contain any chemicals which can cause skin irritation on your kid’s sensitive skin.

All you have to do is follow the simple three steps and see how the magic works! Firstly, dip Lumehra’s stain remover bar into lukewarm water and wet it. Then, rub the stain remover bar onto your child’s clothes wherever the stains are. Then, wash the clothes and see how the work’s done. Oh, if you think that the stain is tough, soak the clothes in warm water and let it sit for half an hour. Then, wash it off. 

Lumehra’s stain remover bar is going to remove all your worries. Next time, you won’t be insecure about your kid’s skin because Lumehra is a life savior! Oh, if you want to have a little laundry activity with your child, carry on because it’s completely safe for kids to use and have fun while learning how to do laundry with mama without any concerns about its harmful chemical ingredients. What are you waiting for? Shop now to have a stress-free laundry routine and make your kid’s clothes smell fresh with a natural scent. Oh well, say goodbye to skin allergies and irritation when you have Lumehra’s plant-based stain remover bar! Try it once and see the fascinating results yourself!

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