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Natural Laundry Detergent – A Great Choice for Cleaning Clothes

If you are someone who is working to make your home as healthy as possible, then one thing you must closely consider is the laundry products you buy to keep your clothes clean. 

Did you know that most of the laundry cleaning products in the market are filled with chemicals that can affect your health badly ranging from relatively minor diseases—like skin irritation and allergies—to severe ones like—cancer, poisoning, and neurological problems? They leave a chemical residue on your clothes, which is absorbed by your skin and inhaled into your lungs. In fact, toxins from your laundry detergent might also be actually affecting the way you sleep from breathing in the fragrances on your clothes and sheets. 

Other than that, they are bad for the environment as the chemical compounds found in chemical detergents when washed away usually end up in our waterways where they harm aquatic life. 

Besides, many of them come in non-recyclable and plastic detergent containers, which means adding more waste to landfills and polluting the air. This all calls attention to saying no to chemical laundry products forever and choosing detergents that are safe for your health and environment.

Fortunately, there are environmentally friendly detergents available to help minimize the impact of conventional ones. Chemical laundry detergents are never a good laundry cleaning solution, as they come with ingredients we now know can seriously harm your health and the environment. When shopping around, you should only be looking into the aisle carrying all natural detergents. Remember to always read the labels on the package to know the right ingredients to buy. There are some ingredients you need to make sure are not present in your laundry detergents that include artificial fragrances, Surfactants, Stabilizers, Bleach, Brighteners, 1-4 dioxane, Phosphates & EDTA. 

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Next check the detergent container, it should be recyclable, which means natural resources can be conserved and less waste is sent to landfills. 

The change is necessary, remember small changes have a big impact. After all this, you will surely feel good about your purchasing decisions that support the well-being of the environment by keeping yours and that of your household’s carbon footprint to a minimum level. 

Now that you know natural laundry detergents are what you need to get, you might wonder if natural laundry detergents actually clean your clothes vs. conventional detergents. The short answer is Yes! Natural laundry detergents clean the same or better than chemical detergents. And natural laundry detergents are safe for your clothes! 

For some people, it might be a challenge to switch to a natural laundry detergent as old habits die hard, but seeing the benefits it can give to you, it’s worth every cost and effort. It’s time to get rid of the chemical detergents that are in your laundry room and switch to a natural one. 

Cleaning does not always have to be harsh and even natural detergents can give you excellent stain removal. Natural laundry detergents have proven to come with a gentle power-packed formula and yet still give a good clean at the same time. The same goes with Lumehra laundry detergents, which give you the same level of clean as your other regular detergents. The difference comes where it puts thought behind every detail of its products from the time it’s manufactured to the time when it’s used to ensure its impact on the environment. 

Lumehra has the best natural laundry detergent that is plant-based, chemical-free, biodegradable, and completely safe for even sensitive skin. We believe we can make the best natural laundry detergents with minimal carbon footprint and maximum cleaning power. Also, our detergent bag is 100% recyclable, our laundry detergent is made into an ultra-concentrated formula, which means it’s light-weight. This helps reduce our carbon footprint by less transportation and fuel consumption. Most importantly, our detergents are designed with a special high-quality formula that gives you maximum clean in minimum amount so you need just 1 teaspoon for a regular load. It comes in powder form designed with a thought to use less water in our products and save this natural resource from being wasted while making sure it does the job the same as any other best detergent for laundry. As a little goes a long way, so it comes at a cost with great value for money. 

Our plant-based laundry cleaning products include; 

Natural Fresh Lavenderlaundry detergent is infused with lavender essential oil leaving a mild scent while still – removing stubborn stains. This lavender laundry detergent smells amazing and has a soothing effect to relax your mind as you wear your clothes after freshly cleaned.

We also have our Natural Tea Tree Oil laundry detergent made with organic tea tree oil, extracted from the Paperbark tree. Both of our laundry detergents are effective in removing stains and leave your clothes smelling fresh and clean. Another amazing product we offer is our All Natural Stain Remover Bar which is also made of all-natural ingredients which works perfectly with Lumehra’s detergents to lift stains faster and efficiently.

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Get these products; Natural Fresh Lavenderlaundry detergent, Natural Tea Tree Oil laundry detergent, All Natural Stain Remover Bar

While most detergents use strong chemical fragrances, we use 100% real essential oils which make our natural laundry detergent completely safe to use, even for the most sensitive skin. Essential oils leave a mild scent that doesn’t irritate your skin yet your clothes come out smelling absolutely fresh which also helps in boosting your mood. Further, it rinses clean, all the way down to the fiber that means no itchy, icky residue only clean, soft, fresh-smelling clothes. Lumehra proves to be your best choice for cleaning clothes as it fits the criteria of the best detergent for laundry that is both safe to use and eco-friendly in nature.

We would love to see you trying our products and hearing your positive feedback. You can check our shop for amazing bundles, deals, and discounts for a non-toxic laundry washing experience. Let’s together be good to our health and our environment.  

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